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There are many benefits that employees receive using the system to conduct a trade audit.


Network managers can describe in as much detail as possible any task to the store director or auditors, and at the end of the execution see a detailed report on any of the problems from different points of view and in any section.


The system allows you to assess the quality of the work of the departments of operational audit or quality control - to monitor the location of all your employees or to track the inspection time at any of the stores and its duration.


Employees are spared from having to fill in a huge number of paper forms, digitize them, take photographs of the calculations on the camera, and then transfer them to the office.


The system increases the loyalty of employees to the inspection procedure - there are less absenteeism and missed inspections, which is important for the personnel department and the quality department.


It allows to significantly reduce the conceptual and communication gap between the back-office and the retail point of sale, leading to a reduction in costs, an improvement in the quality of service as a whole and, as a result, customer loyalty to the brand.


There is an opportunity to more accurately control all processes. Our customers achieved an average check growth of 7-11% in stores where the systems were implemented in comparison with the same-rate stores of the same retail network, which was managed in the old-fashioned way.

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