System for quality control and mobile audit
For retail

MD Audit allows to manage quality control in retail networks, online aggregate and visualize the results of thousands of inspections.

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System for quality control and mobile audit
For post and delivery offices

MD Audit is a system of check-lists for processes and quality control inspections at post offices and points of delivery.

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System for quality control and mobile audit
For gasoline stations

MD Audit is ideally suited for monitoring all processes at points of gas stations, regardless of their distance from the HQ.

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System for quality control and mobile audit
For bank offices

Implementation of MD Audit in banks with a large number of branches can reduce the costs for the activities of auditors and financial controllers.

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System allows

to describe the goals and processes of the retail network on the HQ level and to bring it to the level of responsible employees in stores in clear tasks.

Available for iOS and Android

What is the task?

Reduce the gap in communication between the office and the store

Is there any solution?

System for audit and checks in your smartphone

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For whom?

System is usefull for all the members of audit process

For quality control

  • Control over the supervisor's location
  • Reporting and analytics arranged by regions, divisions, outlets, managers, checklists
  • Easy to use audit constructor


  • Planning the visit
  • Filling in the checklists
  • Work on a mobile device
  • Reporting on the audit results

For operational

  • Analytics covering the whole retail chain
  • Real-time control
  • Transparency of employees' activities

For store

  • Monitoring audit results
  • Printing out the action forms according to the audit results
  • Approving audit results

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Prices for different options

You can choose the type of subscription according your business size

Up to 10 objects in chain
Cloud solution
5Gb space for pictures
Up to 1 month
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Small business
Up to 10 objects in chain
Cloud solution
Without users quantilty limits
Up to 30Gb for pictures
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Medium business
> 500USD/month
More than 10 objects in chain
Cloud solution
Without users limits
Up to 100Gb for pictures
+50 USD/month for each object after 10
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Large business
Per request-
More than 10 objects in chain
On premise
Without users limits
Discount for MDM Samsung Knox
Special prices for Samsung and Apple devices
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What makes our system unique

Increased productivity of auditors
Sales volume growth in outlets
Growth of customers loyalty 

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Complex control
of auditors and their location
in time of check process


work processes
for sales representatives
who can use their own
mobile devices (BYOD)


Forming of the audit results
and getting reports
in realtime mode


with no need to visit
office to fill in the report
and no data dublictation

the effectiveness

with a simple
audit reporting


on operators
entering audit results,
on printing hard copies

System for retail network
quality control

  • Analytical reporting
  • Retail check planning
  • Task management
  • Audit handling
  • Control of remedial
  • Photo reports
  • Route planning
  • Control the date and
    time of visit
  • Control over
    check-list filling

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Why choose MD Audit

There are a lot of features that your employees will get using MD Audit system

Setting tasks

Chain managers can describe any task to the store manager or auditors in detail,and on the basis of the results to see a detailed report on any of the problems from different points of view.

Quality scoring

The system allows you to score the quality of the work of operational audit or quality control department - to monitor the location of all its employees or to accurately track the time of the inspection at any store and its duration.


Employees are spared the need to fill a huge number of paper forms, then scan it, take photographs of the shop on the camera and then transfer them to the office via email.

Loyalty of employees

The system increases the loyalty of employees to the audit procedure - you will get fewer missed inspections, which is important for the HR department and quality control department.

Mutual understanding

MD Audit allows to significantly reduce the communication gap between the back-office and the store, leading to a reduction in costs, improving the quality of the service and, as a consequence, customer loyalty to the brand.

Full processes control

This is a new chance to control all processes more accurately. Our customers achieved growth of an average purchase by 7-11% in stores, where systems were introduced in comparison with similar stores in the same retail chain managed in the old fashioned way.

System provides clear structure of all the processes and tasks

Audit process according the script, automatic setting of tasks for the responsible employees, monitoring results

Our clients

X5 Retail Group
Russian Post

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